Radio Horton came to life on 7th July 1964, with the immortal words: “This is Radio Horton calling.” The station’s founders were journalists Ted Hanson MBE and Graham Wilton and ever since those humble beginnings, Radio Horton has gone from strength to strength.

We broadcast across Banbury’s Horton General Hospital bringing a friendly voice to patients, providing a variety of music, entertainment and topical discussions aimed to ease your experience and recovery. We hope you feel better soon. You can listen to us through your Hospedia bedside unit, or online!

Radio Horton is a charity staffed entirely by volunteers, with funds raise from supporters in the local community and it is thanks to you that we are able to provide our service.

We also host a series of community events which help raise vital funds for Radio Horton. Some of these include Katharine House Hospice, Banbury Town Council and local school and village fetes.

If you are reading this from a hospital bed, we wish you a speedy recovery and hope we have helped your stay in hospital to be a bit more bearable.

We’re always looking to welcome Volunteers to the Radio Horton team. Whether you’re interested in broadcasting, assisting at community events or meeting our prime listeners, the patients at the Horton General Hospital, why not check out our Volunteering opportunities and give us a shout!

Volunteering Verdict

Here’s a short insider as to what it’s like to be part of the Radio Horton team…

Colin Beeby (Eddie B)

The difference volunteering has made for me, is making new friends & socialising with them outside of the studio.

We all have the same passion; to think about patients less fortunate than ourselves – Colin Beeby