Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Show Times

Timezone: UTC+1
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

About the Show

We’ve two-hours of ‘Presenter-Led’ fun and features ‘Live’ for a Sunday lunchtime that will entertain your listeners starring YOU and lots of contributors live from their own homes!

The News Today read by Jonathan Sawyer. A look at what was making the headlines in previous years.

We also find out all about one of the stations taking part in the show with our Station Insert feature.

Our very popular quiz, Where’s Oli?  Harrogate Hospital Radio’s Oliver Stables sets the questions and you have to guess where in the world he is, there’s no prizes but tweet us @bigbroadcastuk to see if you’ve got it right.

What’s your ‘Go To’ song?  We invite members of Hospital Radio stations everywhere to come on and tell us what would be the first tune they’d play if all else failed! You’d be surprised at some of the choices we’ve had so far!

The Musical Wheel of Misfortune, where a station member joins us and gives us some information about the music played from a random selection of the wheel as it spins – it’s not as scary as it sounds to be honest, but it’s all about putting people on the spot and outside of their comfort zone a little.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, where you choose four songs – an old one, a new one, a cover version and a title or artist containing the word ‘blue’ – what could be easier?

A Film, Theatre or Gig review, Ruth Stapleton from Prince Bishops Hospital Radio joins us to review either a gig, performance or film? What’s she been watching this week? Tune into The Sunday Social at midday to find out.

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