James Benefield

James BenefieldYear Joined: 2019

Tell us about your programme:

The Great Escape – Tuesday from 17:00-19:00

Upbeat classics or lesser known gems; fun, silly, romantic, camp or just plain gorgeous! Join James for features including the Kitsch at six (the cheesiest song I can face playing), Escape to the movies (a prominent song from a well-known film … I’ll give you three clues to the film… resulting in one great song!) and ‘triple threat’ – three-in-a-row on a theme!

What would be your top three Desert Island Discs?

  • Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind
  • Kate Bush – Moments of Pleasure
  • Leonard Cohen – Take This Longing

Music artists that have influenced you:

So many! Kate Bush, Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone, REM, David Bowie… and lesser known modern artists like Jenny Lewis, The Magnetic Fields, Sufjan Stevens

Three words to describe volunteering at a hospital radio station:

A real privilege!