Kitty Opal

Kitty OpalYear Joined: 2015

Tell us about your programme:

The Kitty Opal Show – promoting unsigned and under the radar musicians. I feature ‘Under the Radar’ artists from around the world and across all genres.

What would be your top three Desert Island Discs?

Oh, good grief this is hard!

  • Everybody Looks Famous – Fuel To Fire
  • Dave Giles – Love, Life, Loss and Tea
  • Erick Macek – Erick Macek

Music artists that have influenced you:

Room Service influenced me to promote unsigned music, support from the likes of Everybody Looks Famous, Dave Giles and Danny Gruff encouraged me to continue on into radio to promote artists.

Three words to describe volunteering at a hospital radio station:

Exciting, fun and enriching!

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